For foreigners: This is a scarecrow

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SCARE means to scare, to instill fear

We have been investigating and we put together these apparent systems to scare birds:
HANGED CDS (These are very abundant on city balconies)

And it seems that  in the fields, the classic scarecrows that remind us of the Wizard of Oz are less and less seen.  
Therefore, we evoke them =)



LOCK means '' to hold. or tie something up to impede their movement, hinder something, or impede their normal activity . ''

And the LANGUAGE is the organ that all human beings (and many living beings) have inside our mouth and that allows us to feel the taste of food but also to pronounce the sounds of our Language. It is not by chance that a synonym for the word Language is precisely: Language.

The tongue has a total of 17 muscles. Learning to move them all quickly before the age of 5 is key to communicating. After that age it is increasingly difficult to re-educate it to produce other sounds that this muscle is not used to. Tongue twisters can help you investigate everything your tongue can do to help you pronounce. And especially to help you remember what it feels like to be young and learning to speak.

Here we leave you some tongue twisters in various languages ??... let's see if you can practice them and tell us how about

  • In English: I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish ( here the audio)
  • In French: Si six scies scient six cyprès, six cent six scies scient six cent six cyprès ( here are several! Total challenge, at least for us! Please do the exercise of recording yourself saying them. We suspect that you are going to spit with laughter. )
  • In Portuguese: Um limão, thousand limões, um milhão de limões. ( HERE there are several that sound di-vi-no. We tried to imitate them. They did not turn out so well. We prefer not to make our ridiculous public)

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SAVE : Put in a safe place

DUST: Particles released from a larger matter or product of wind erosion or of the microscopic fauna of an environment. There are powders of all kinds:

-From nature such as sand, earth, brick

-Edible such as flour or semolina.

-Ashes from a volcano, a fire or a cigarette

-And of course ... the horrible dirt that accumulates and that is the most difficult dust to remove.

The Overall is a long and light garment that was born to protect our clothes, it is used to study, to work, to do housework and for all kinds of activities where we must avoid staining our clothes (the truth, it would not be bad at all use the dust cover in places like ice cream parlors or in dangerous situations like pasta on Sunday :)

In Argentina, the Overall is synonymous with students at school, and at the end of the year when a cycle ends we normally cut it and have it "autographed" by our classmates to keep it as a souvenir of that year ... although ironically, later it ends in a closet. gathering dust.

Here is a photo of our grandmothers in the year of Pepe wearing those famous white overalls

Dust Cover.jpg

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WATER: Liquid to drink, colorless and odorless. Delicious and healthy ... but what you touch gets wet and stays wet for a while.
PARTIES: Meeting of people to celebrate a specific event (Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding, Egress , etc.) AGUAFIESTAS: Person who comes to "ruin" a happy moment. It would be something like the water that comes to put out the fire.

Example: We are all gathered having pizza and beer for dinner and celebrating that Juan Martin had a promotion at his job and Ricardo's AGUAFIESTAS comes to say that we should not be drinking alcohol because the next day it will be the first day of work and they will to smell the beer through your pores, so you better flush it all down the toilet (?)

Here is a memorable scene from a typical AGUAFIESTAS. The neighbor Mr. Heckles in Monica and Rachel's apartment who doesn't want them to make noise because he could be playing the Oboe.

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