Buenos Aires is a city made up of many mini cities: the 100 neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, says a famous tango. Do you really want to know Buenos Aires? We show you those neighborhoods (and those particular things of each one) that may not appear in travel guides.

*** RECOLETA ***


It is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city with a thousand and one places to visit. It is said that he is Cheto *, and he is… .but that is not why we are going to stop recommending him, ever. Buenos Aires is beautiful wherever you look at it and you have to look at it from all angles.

Here are our tips for those not so touristy corners that deserve to be trodden on

What to see, what to visit and what to do in Recoleta?

1-   Library , Gallery and shows, CLASSIC AND MODERN is small and beautiful. It was named "Notable Library" and "Remarkable Bar" 2 reasons to have a coffee and a souvenir booklet


Callao 892 // WEB

2- There are 10,000 pizzerias in Buenos Aires and each Argentine has his opinion on which one is the best. Ours and in unison: THE ROOM . The fugazzeta with more cheese and onion on the verge of the entire universe. A ham and Roquefort empanada that is the perfect combination .. And a portion of Vegetable Pizza that makes vegetable pizza can be called Pizza. Thank you FOURTH for being as you are. You can sit down to eat or stand at the bar. All the waiters go at light speed and the peeling of the box could work at the New York Stock Exchange and they would all do to him what he says. (Be careful, it's full from 8pm until closing ... but the line goes fast and it's worth it)

Talcahuano 937. From Tuesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 1am // WEB

3- And there must be another 15,000 bakeries , of course. If we go through the door, it is impossible not to enter for a crumb sandwich or a canon of dulce de leche. In LAS VICTORIAS everything in sight is delicious and tempting.

Talcahuano 921 (meters from the room, great combo!) // WEB

4- PLAZA FRANCIA must be one of the most beautiful parks in Buenos Aires ... perhaps because of its location, perhaps because of its terrain with ups and downs, perhaps because of the “hippie” market full of beautiful and original things that it has, perhaps because It is the most famous cemetery in Latin America in or perhaps because it was designed by the great Charles Thays.

Every day is beautiful, but Saturday and Sunday morning is the best time to go because there are not many people yet and on those days the artisans come out to open the market.


Pueyrredon and Libertador. // WEB

5- In the 90's it was THE meeting place for punks, darks, emos, goths and even otakus! The BOND STREET gallery is a space full of tattoo shops, alternative clothing, piercings, skateboarding and accessories to wear or smoke. If you walk down the av. Santa fe and it does not attract your attention is because you did not look well ... or because La bon is no longer what it was. Come in anyway!

Av. Santa Fe 1670 // WEB

6- There is a palace in the middle of the city, which is the Pizzurno Palace . It occupies a whole block, it is white white and is in front of a square full of jacaranda trees that give it a special plus. Inside, THE TEACHER'S LIBRARY , specialized in education and teaching, classic, comfortable, silent and with free Wi-Fi… ..we can't think of a better place to go to do class homework (bah, if anyone who serves coffee, ha!) but this ensures 100% concentration. You have to carry ID to enter.

Image may contain: people sitting and interior

Pizzurno passage 953. Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 21pm, Saturday 9 to 14hs . // WEB

7-A chocolate shop no. THE chocolate shop . Almonds with chocolate, dark chocolate, ICE CREAM OF THOUSAND CHOCOLATES, coffee with chocolate, chocolate in branch, giant chocolate bars, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, etc, etc. And the star of all this: Las Franui: Raspberries dipped in chocolate. RAPA NUI , thank you for those little balls of paradise.


Arenales 2302. // WEB

8- We always try to recommend magic from Buenos Aires, but here is a Brazilian gem in the city of Buenos Aires. PAN DE QUESO is a small place that sells exactly that, a bread filled with cheese, crispy on the outside, fluffy and cheesy on the inside. Right here they sell them frozen and to take away, but they also tell you where you can buy them warm and freshly made in the area (several kiosks sell them). Otherwise, you buy a stock of 12 and you have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner ... and you don't get tired. We are going to collect signatures so that all the kiosks and bakeries in BA have them in their ovens!

Montevideo 573. Monday to Friday from 2.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. // WEB

And here is the map with all these places marked that the route is easier :)
We waited here your comments on what you visited!

See you there ...

* cheto / a: Person with a lot of money or high class, who likes to show off, dresses "well" and speaks "well" (although for the rest of the universe it seems that they have a raw potato in their mouth and for some reason they do not wants to spit), travels to Punta del Este in the Summer, and Europe in the Winter. The adjective cheto is also applied to an object, a garment, an area, a word and almost anything that can be adjective. If we had to give an international example, we would say that Victoria Beckham is the word cheta made person.

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